Slow and steady wins the race in our weekly 1 Lac GTD Tournament for a buy-in of Rs 3000. Registrations have reached a total number of 39 as of now. Late registrations is available for the 1st hour.


Raghu Eliminates Chirag from the tournament.

Time: 19:05 Level: 1 Blinds: 50/100

Mr Chiraggets eliminated within the first 10 minutes into the tournament.

Mr Raghu: 5♦ 5♣

MrChirag: K♣ 10♥

MrChirag Bets 250 and Mr Raghu Flat calls him. On the flop 6♣ 5♥ K♠, Raghu hits a set on the flop and bets 2000 to which calls. On the Turn A♥, and we see Chirag going all in with his stack of 4750 and Raghu snap calls. The River J♣ was no help to Chirag. Raghu doubles up to a stack of 15000 and Chirag is eliminated.

Saif our last week’s tournament winner doubles up.

Time: 19:10 Level: 1 Blinds: 50/100

At the Show Down:

Rakesh: A♦ J♥

Saif: Q♣ 10♣

At the pre flop, Rakesh bets 350 and Saif calls. On the flop A♣ J♠ 7♣, gives Rakesh 2 pairs and Saif a Gut Draw for his straight to finish and a flush draw as well. Rakesh shoves his entire stack and goes all in. After a long thought process Saif calls. On the turn a K♦ gives Saif his nut straight, only an Ace or Jack can save Rakesh. The River a 9♥ disappointed Rakesh. He is eliminated from the tournament and opts for a re-entry.

After the 1st hour of late registrations, the Tournament reached a total of 50 players. Our new Chip Leader being Rupesh with a big stack of 32000. The total prize pool after re-entries reached Rs 1, 62,000. The total chips in play is about 4, 20,000.

The Final 6 Pay-outs are as follows:

1st Place: Rs. 70,000

2nd Place: Rs. 40,000

3rd Place: Rs 25,000

4th Place: Rs 13,000

5th Place: Rs 10,000

6th Place: Rs 4000

Short Stack Suraj’s patience paid off and he wins with Straight Flush.

Time: 20:20pm Level: 5 Blinds: 300/600/50

At the show down:

Nao: 4♠ 4♥

Suraj: 10♠ 10♥

Mr Naodecides to go all in with his stack of 8300 and Mr Suraj at short stack makes a wise move and goes all in as well. On flop 7♠ 8♠ 8♦, the Turn 6♠ and the River 9♠.Mr Suraj wins with a straight flush on the river and gets a double up and reaches average stack Mark in the tournament.

The tables merge occurs and we are down to 3 tables from the initial 5 tables. The game begins at Round 6. The blinds are at 400/800 Ante 100.

Nihal our regular Cash game player as well as an In the Money Finisher in the last weeks 1 Lac Tournament made a Huge Comeback. In a 3 way all in action Nihal’s Pair of Aces held high and he emerges as the new chip leader, winning a stack of 51700. He eliminated 3 people with his Bullets.

Rohit Eliminated

Time: 20:50pm Level: 7 Blinds: 600/1200/100

Our Regular Cash Game and tourney Grinder Mr Rohit gets a pair of 6’s and bets 2500 preflop. Mr Akash a new face catches a pair of Queens and decides to go all in. Mr Rohit calls him. The Flop, Turn and River were all of no Help to Mr Rohit and he gets eliminated after a long 2 hours of steady play.

Down to the final table at about 21:35pm with 10 players left in the race to win. Akash leads with approx. 80000 in chips. After about 15 min of slow action on the Final table, Mr Rishi is the first elimination on the final table by Mr Guru. A couple of hands later, Balram finishes in 9th position.

Sanjeev eliminated on the Bubble by Prakash

Time: 22:20pm Level: 13 Blinds: 2000/4000/400

Sanjeev shoves all in to a pre-flop raise of double the blinds by Prakash.

At the show down:

Sanjeev: A♠ 2♠

Prakash: A♥ A♦

Prakash’s pair of aces has Sanjeev Dominated. The community cards were off no help to Mr Sanjeev and he gets eliminated on the bubble.

The Chip Stack of the Final 6 are as follows:

Gautam: 95000

Guneet: 80000

Prakash: 65000

Guru: 62000

Nihal: 60000

Akash: 28000

Guneet, usually seen in the tournament scene across Bangalore runs Hotter than Fire. Initially he eliminates Short Stack Akash from the tournament. Akash walks away in 6th place and wins Rs 4000. Prakash goes all in to recover some Blinds with a weak hand and Guneet snap calls his raise holding Pocket Aces. Prakash is eliminated in 5th place and receives a cash prize of Rs 10000. Nihal was bleeding out his chips over the blinds and decides to go All-in with Ace high. Guneet continues running hot and wins with a pair of Nines on the river. Nihal is eliminated in 4th place and his take in the prize pool was Rs13000.

The tournament is down to the final 3 players and they crack a deal amongst themselves to split the prize pool wisely. Calculating the Chip Count Guneet takes a staggering Rs 55000 leaving Gautam with Rs 45000 and a win-win situation for Guru taking home Rs 30000. A flip for the balance of Rs 5000 was played between Gautam and Guneet where Gautam wins the open hand and the Rs 5000. The trophy was taken by Guneet. The tournament lasted for a little over 4 hours.

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