Sit & Go (SNG, SIT and GO) is an exhilarating format of the famous poker game. It usually has a wide range of games, but the most common types are Single Table Tournaments (STT’s) like 6 players Max or 9 players Max. Sit & Go’s starts right after the specifically mentioned number of players are registered. Unlike Multi Table Tournaments(MTT’s) Sit & Go’s doesn’t provide late registration, either you are in the game when the game starts or you have to wait for the next tournament to fill up. Sit & Go’s usually get finished much earlier than Multi-Table Tournaments(MTT’S) making it much easier for the players to enjoy the final action without a long waiting.

At KQPOKER.COM we offer a wide range of “Sit & Go collection” with buy-ins starting from Rs.100 to Rs.2000 to ensure that players in all levels get their chance to play and win the game. KQPOKER.COM offers a new promotion for the Sit & Go players, known as “SIT ‘N’ GO CHALLENGE”. Win 5 Sit & Go’s in a row and be Rewarded, A streak of 5 Wins in a row equals Rs.50,000. A player can win 5 Sit N Go’s at any time for e.g. a player can win 2 today and the remaining any other days but he must have played only 5 and won all of them. Achieve a streak of 5 Sit & Go wins and reward yourself with an extra Rs.50,000, the rewarding never halts. KQPOKER.COM has all rights to take appropriate actions against malpractices like Chip Dumping and Collusion. Check the Sit & Go Tab on our platform for all details.


KQPOKER.COM is a web portal which offers you a platform to play various online card games. Our main area of interest involves Online Poker Games, Poker Cards, Poker Card Players, Card Games India, Play Cards Online, Texas Holdem Card Games, Poker Game Play, Poker Card Games Online and more. It is the best online poker school for the beginners. Mainly we are playing with two online poker games such as Texas Hold’ em and Omaha Poker. A poker hand is always made out of 5 cards. Poker hands are basically classified into 10 Categories like flush, three of a kind, straight etc. The Player with the most powerful hand wins the pot.

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