Learning the basics of poker is much easier than being a regular player. Selecting which starting hands to play is one of the basic strategies in Texas Hold’em. Being dealt with a hand is the starting point of the game, playing all the dealt hands is not considered as a practical way to continue the game play. Understanding the situation and making your action based on that is important.

The position you are playing and the hand you were dealt with are important factors to be considered before proceeding into Flop. Being in the late positions to act makes other players to do their decisions before your act. Doing raises with a less powerful card, just because you were on late position is not the best option in such situations.


The above picture project an idea about playable hands and positions. Considering position when raising to a bet or raise is an important strategy. There are complex as well as simple hands as starting hands. But the most favorite cards of experienced poker players include this 10 hands:

  • AH –   AC
  • KS –   KK
  • QC –   QD
  • KH –   AH
  • JC –    JD
  • 10S –   10C
  • AH –    KS
  • AH –    QH
  • 9D   –    9S
  • AS  –    QH

These 10 cards have good equity as well as good chances to win pots. These card are considered to be easy to be the most played played post flop cards and are less likely to get you into trouble, even though it happens. Medium pocket pairs tends to be difficult to play post-flop and are potential enough to cause costly mistakes.

While your opponent makes a mistake, you make money and while you make a mistake, your opponent makes money. A mistake can be defined as playing a hand differently from the way you would have played if you could see your opponent’s hole cards.


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