The semi-bluff

When a bet is placed with a hand which have good potential to make the strongest hand by the river, this process is known as semi bluffing. Presently you are bluffing without having any hands. But, there is possibility of you getting the strongest hand of all if the river card is in your favor. Basically, you are not making a blind bluff here instead you are making a semi-bluff.

There are two ways in which you can make profit from semi bluffing, either by making your opponents fold to your semi-bluff or by making the strongest hand by river. This element of uncertainty makes it hard to counter semi-bluffing poker players. Semi- bluffing players make huge bluffs chasing a strong hand.

Tight aggressive players find this strategy more profitable since their bets are rarely called by other players. Because, their table image has been cultivated in a way that other players think that they only play with strong hole cards.

Although semi-bluff is a common strategy among many players, using the strategy in a proper way is rare. Many players makes mistake on interchanging checking with betting and betting with checking. Using this make things simple:

Fold equity + Pot equity = profitability

The chances of you making a draw increases when the pot equity is more. Fold equity refers to the chances of your opponents to make a fold. While pot equity is more, the chances of your opponent folding gets less. All you need is less pot equity since your opponents are more likely to fold when they are more timid and cautious.

Examining the cards on the table and making a convincing powerful draw is important before making a semi-bluffs.


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