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An aggressive poker player doesn’t generally limp into pots, but, they raise and even re-raise if the situation is in his/her favor. After the flop an aggressive player continues betting and wins the pot by making everyone else fold. An aggressive player can make players with good hand to fold.

The number of hands played by a tight player is much lesser compared to an aggressive player. A tight player considers the power of his hand as well as the position in which he is playing before getting himself into a bet. Because of this selective approach, most players folds their hands assuming that the tight player is holding a powerful hand.

Tight players tend to play with premium hands, which has good expected value, minimizing the risk and help make decision-making simpler. Avoiding marginal hands results in less costly mistakes while earning good profit. While other players tend to fold at your hands, u have the opportunity to make them fold for your occasional bluffs. Sometimes, Players who pay less attention to the game play may not realize that you play strong hands and calls on your bet.

Playing aggressive at certain situations are required in order to increase your money. Winning good pots without aggression is very rare. But once you are involved in a hand, you have to be willing to give a fight for the opponents, unless they will pick-up on your hesitation and they will take advantage of your situation by placing huge bets.

Showing aggression at tables filled with passive players is an excellent strategy to take the pot. But, while playing at tables with aggressive players aggression usually sparks every players, which seemingly narrow your chances in achieving the pot. Having a good hand and a good table image increases your chances of taking the pot.


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