Poker is considered to be in the family of gambling card games, even though it is a skill based game. Poker is usually played by two or more people who bet based on the value of the hands which has been dealt to them. A player can win the pot either by having the strongest combination of hand at the showdown or by forcing other players to fold their hands without showing of the hands, which can be by means of Bluff. The number of hands dealt in poker varies from different poker variants.

In present day poker games, the betting is initiated automatically when one or more of the players are made to do a forced bet which is known as Blinds/Ante. Players manually initiate a bet in poker when they believe that the hand they are holding is worth betting as compared to other player’s hands. In case of a bet, the action proceeds clockwise as each player can “Call” the bet, “Fold” his hand or “Raise” to increase the bet.

The betting round gets over when all the players have matched the last bet or folded. If all the players fold to a player’s bet, he/she will receive the whole pot without a requirement to reveal their hands. If two or more players remains after the final betting round, their cards will be revealed and the person with the strongest hand wins the pot.

Excluding the forced bet/ Blinds, the pot value increases only when a player makes a bet either by making a manual bet by trusting the strength of his/her card or by bluffing on other players which a part of the game strategy. The outcome of any particular hands includes chances/luck, while a large amount of odds can be beaten by choosing their action on the basis of psychology, probability and game theory.

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