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1st time ever in Indian Poker World, KQPOKER.COM is hosting an above the world promotion called the Live Challenge Series (LCS)which runs throughout the month of September, 2016. The 9 players who top the Leader board will be awarded in a “Kings and Queens Manner”. These 9 players on the Leader board will receive a free travel package (inclusive of travel, food and accommodation) to Bangalore for a weekend and play a set of tournaments managed by Also, these players will receive a set bankroll to play live poker games at Kings and Queens Poker club, Bangalore for that weekend. The total prize pool distributed will be worth Rs 1 Lac and lot of great merchandise will be given away.

Winning the tournament is basically the first step for getting your place in the Leader Boards. Every time you enter a tournament and cash in on it, you receive LCS Points. The further you go in a tournament, the higher the LCS points are. By winning one tournament in Live Challenge Series (LCS); you will be listed on the Leader Boards for your Win, However, far down from the Top 9 players. In order to reach the Top 9:

  • You need to play the maximum number of tournaments and reach the money to accumulate higher points than the other players challenging you online at . Play as much LCS marked tournaments as possible in the tournament lobby section of; thereby, increase your chances of making it to the top 9.
  • Stating the fact, LCS is meant for upcoming players who spend a quality amount of time playing poker in a day, or other poker players that play online poker for a living. These are the players who usually top the Leader Board; however, it doesn’t mean that other players won’t reach the Top 9.
  • If you are serious about getting yourself into the Top 9 or even the first in the Leader Board who will be taking home The LCS tournament Pro Trophy and Cash Prize, You have to play your best and mustreach ITM (in the money). Playing as many tournaments as possible each day is an unavoidable factor in LCS. The more you play, better the chances of you rising closer to the top of the Leader board. The Top 9 are chosen after the end of the Edition#1 of the KQPOKER LCS on September 30th, 2016.
  • If you are one of those players who spend their time on kqpoker Cash tables all day long, you may want to consider playing the LCS as well. Because of the fact that you not only making money when you cash in them; but also you will be engaged in a series of games offering exciting prizes. Here you are not just making money, but also proving yourself to the poker Community of your success.
  • If you are planning to take your seat in the Top 9 of the Leader Board; you have to check the Leader Board frequently. You may be really close to top positions than you expected or you can be really down the list from the level of your expectations; therefore, checking Leader boards frequently and adjusting your game play according to that is the best way to stay on good ranks in LCS. The leader board will be updated once on a daily basis. All you need to do is, Go to and under the tournament tab, check the LCS leader board for the current standings.

KQPOKER.COM welcomes all upcoming poker players in India to the Live Challenge Series (LCS) Edition #1, which is a life time opportunity spotlighting on all Poker players from India to have a life changing experience and win a chance to play Live Poker for free and win real money.


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