As the Live Challenge Series (LCS) came to an end. I would like to point out the incidents which took place from the beginning to the end of LCS. The main aim of LCS was to grant the top 9 online players at our site with an experience of playing Live Poker. The LCS is a set of tournaments which was scheduled for the whole month of September, 2016. Top 9 players were selected on the basis of their performance in the overall LCS tournaments, a player is eligible to receive LCS points every time he/she comes “in the money” for any of the LCS Tournaments. There was an LCS leader board of players having LCS points, which kept on changing day by day through the whole month of September until the Top 9 players confirmed their positions in the LCS.

Top 9 Players in the Live Challenge Series:

User ID’s Players LCS Points
1. India1 Praful 1901
2.  goland Ramesh 1730
3. Mango1 Nimesh 1728
4.  KingKing Bhuvan 1666
5.  greekter Akshay 1640
6. Sherlock52 Ravi 1616
7.  Zrparwal27 Zara 1569
8. Morlock Kausheel 1348
9. START123 Sasi 1298

Each player was issued with Airplane Tickets from their natives to Bangalore city with the return tickets. Food and Accommodation for each players were arranged in a hotel situated near to the Kings and Queens Poker Club. All the players were gathered at the Kings and Queens Poker Club by 5:00PM. The 50K GTD Live Tournament for the Top players in LCS started by 5:30PM, in which India1 came first with a prize money of Rs.25,000, KingKing second with Rs.15,000 and goland came third with Rs.10,000. For a detailed review on the 50K GTD Live tournament visit:

User ID’s Players Prize Money
1. India1 Praful 25,000
2.  KingKing Bhuvan 15,000
3.goland Ramesh 10,000

As soon as the Tournament got over, each players were given their free entry at Cash Tables worth Rs.2500. After these events everyone in the LCS Leader Board left for their night out in Bangalore. The following day the Top 3 players in the 50K GTD Live Tournament were rewarded with cash awards and trophies. Thus, the LCS marked its end and each players left to their natives. With a promising Live Challenge Series #Season2, KQPOKER.COM officially announced the end of LCS Season #1.


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