After the month of Live Challenge Series at KQPOKER.COM, the Top 9 players are finally selected on basis of their performance in LCS Tournaments which were played all over India. Now it’s time to select the best 3 live poker players from the LCS Top 9. For many of them, it is their first experience in playing Live Poker Tournament. Here is a detailed review on some of the best actions happened in the 50K GTD LiveTournament,

Hosted by: The Kings and Queens Poker Club, Bangalore.

Total Registrations  : 8

Date: 10/10/2016

Players User ID’s
1. Akshay greekter
2. Bhuvan KingKing
3. Nimesh Mango1
4. Praful India1
5. Ramesh goland
6. Ravi Sherlock52
7. Sasi START123
8. Zara Zrparwal27


             1 25,000
             2 15,000
             3 10,000

Tournament started at : 5:30PM


Time          : 5:35PM

Blinds        : 50/50

Ramesh     : [QQ♠]

Akshay      : [A♣-8♥]

Flop  : [2♠ – A♠ – A♥]             Turn : [5♥]             River : [4♣]

Akshay calls on a raise of 1000 made by Ramesh right after the Flop was dealt.The Flop grantedAkshay with a “Three of a kind A’s” While Ramesh was left with a “Pair of Q’s”. Neither The Turn card nor the river card was in favour of Ramesh, Making Akshay the winner.


Time           : 6:05PM

Blinds         : 150/300

Sasi             : [Q♠-9♥]

Ramesh      : [QJ♥]

Flop : [Q♥ – 9♣ -J♣]             Turn : [J♠]          River : [4]

Sasi raised the pot to 1000 by hitting a “Two Pair Q’s & 9’s” at the Flop, Ramesh calls the bet with a “Higher Two Pair Q’s & J’s” and the turn card granted him a “Full House J’s over Q’s”. Ramesh wins the hand just after raising the pot to 3000; which has been called by Sasi.


Time            : 6:45PM

Blinds          : 250/500(50)

Bhuvan        : [KJ♠]

Sasi               : [A♣-J♥]

Flop : [J♠ – Q – 7♥]             Turn : [4♠]             River : [K♥]

Sasi pushes All-in with 1000 chips Pre-Flop followed by a call from Bhuvan.Flop cards and Turn card gave Sasi the advantage of “A pair with Ace kicker card” and Bhuvan had the disadvantage till the River card came on board and he hit a “Two Pair”. Bhuvan got his stack increased and Sasi was the first player to be eliminated from the tournament.


Time             : 7:05PM

Blinds           : 400/800(50)

Zara              : [A♠J♥]

Ravi              : [K♠-J♠]

Flop : [Q♠ – 10♠ – 4♣]             Turn : [8♣]             River : [3♥]

Zara raised 3100 Pre-Flop, Ravi calls the bet to limp into the flop. The flop left Zara with a “Nut Straight Draw” and Ravi with a “Spade Flush Draw and Straight Draw”. The Turn and the River was no help to both player’s draws. Hence, Zara wins the pot with the “High Card Ace” leaving Ravi short stacked.


Time             : 7:32PM

Blinds          : 500/1000(50)

Ravi              : [A♥7♠]

Bhuvan        : [9-A♣]

Flop : [Q♣ – 6 – 10♠]             Turn : [2♥]             River : [3♠]

The two way All-in action initiated by Ravi with 4800 chips which was immediately called by Buban. The community cards dealt was not helping neither of them. Both players had “Ace High Card”, Buban won the Pot with “Ace high with 9 kicker” which made Ravi the second player to be eliminated.


Time             : 7:40PM

Blinds           : 500/1000

Akshay         : [A♥9♣]

Praful           : [8-8♣]

Flop : [Q – 6 – 8♥]             Turn : [6♥]             River : [9♠]

Akshay moved All-in with 7000 Chips Pre-Flop, Praful made the call. The community cards left Akshay with “Two Pair 9’s & 6’s” while Praful was granted with a “Full House of 8’s over 6’s”, which added an 8500 to his stack and Akshay became the third player to be busted out of the Tournament.


Time             : 8:15PM

Blinds           : 1500/3000(200)

Zara              : [KJ]

Buban           : [Q♥-Q♣]

Flop : [Q – 6 – 8♥]             Turn : [6♥]             River : [9♠]

Zara pushed All-in with 8950 chips Pre-Flop which was instantly called by Buban. The Flop and the Turn left Zara with a “Diamond Flush Draw” while Buban was granted with “A Full House of Q’s over 6’s”. The River card was no help to Zara, which made her the fourth player to be eliminated out of the Tournament while, Buban got his stack sized-up to face the upcoming big blinds.


Time             : 8:20PM

Blinds           : 2000/4000(200)

Nimesh        : [A5♠]

Buban          : [A♥-10♣]

Flop : [A♣ – Q – 8♣]             Turn : [6♥]             River : [9♠]

Nimesh pushed an All-in of 9900 chips which was called by Buban after a thought process. The Flop gave Nimesh “Pair of A’s with kicker 5” while Buban was holding a “Pair of A’s with kicker 10”. The Turn and River didn’t turn out to be helping Nimesh in anyway. Thereby, Nimesh was bubbled out of the tournament. In the meantime, Buban received a capable amount pot which made him second to the Chip Leader.


Time             : 8:24PM

Blinds          : 2500/5000(200)

Ramesh       : [6♣9♥]

Buban          : [9♣-10]

Flop : [K♣ – 7 – 6♠]             Turn : [2♣]             River : [8♥]

Ramesh moved All-in with 12000 chips, Buban made the call. The flop gave Ramesh “A Pair of 6’s” while Buban was left with a “Straight Draw”. The Turn didn’t make any difference to both of the players. But, the River granted Buban with a “Straight from 6-10”. Hence, Ramesh is out of the Tournament in the third position with a prize money of Rs.10,000.


Time             : 8:38PM

Blinds          : 3000/6000(200)

Buban          : [A4♣]

Praful           : [A♣-10♣]

Flop : [10♥ – 4♠ – K♠]             Turn : [3♣]             River : [7♥]

The heads-up battle for the first position started with an All-in pushed by Buban, a call from Praful didn’t took much time. The Flop gave Buban a “Pair of 4’s” and granted Praful with a “Pair of 10’s”.The Turn card as well as the River card didn’t make any difference. Buban was out of the Tournament in Second position with a prize money of Rs.15,000 and Praful finished first in the Tournament with a prize money of Rs.25,000.


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