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KQPH is a perfect promotion for you if you like to spend some time on those cash tables. As the name represents, we are on a hunt for poker players who are interested in making the game of poker their profession. A quest to find out the best amongst the talented poker players from all over India. We are on a mission to hire a poker pro, at the end of KQPH the selected poker pro will be announced as a permanent representative of

Basically, the KQPH promotion goes like this:

Players who register for KQPH has to have a proper knowledge on poker as well as quite a good experience in playing poker in the past. The number of maximum participants in KQPH is 100 people. Participants in KQPH has to play and reach a target amount of 10,000 played hands. Players are supposed to play only on cash tables, in which only [1/2] [2/4] 3/6] [4/8] are the tables in which KQPH hand counts are applicable. You are allowed play any number of tables at a time. Players can play both Texas Hold’em as well as Omaha Poker while playing for KQPH. Each player will be issued with a special KQPH ID apart from their main ID for playing KQPH. The starting bankroll for playing KQPH will be INR 5000.

After successful completion of 10,000 hands, 100% of the profit generated by the player while playing KQPH will credited to his/her actual kqpoker account. The winner of KQPH will be offered to join the KQ team as a permanent representative of, by accepting this offer, he/she will be eligible to receive a long term staking deal as well as go through guidance and special coaching from mentors. A distributed share from a prize pool of Rs.50,000 will be given to the players who reach top9 excluding the winner of KQPH. The money will be credited as Real Cash Bonus (RCB).

Non-completion of target hands and losing the complete starting bankroll can result in a penalty of refundable deposit of INR 1000. Balance transferring to the main account, chip dumping, collusion play, player to player transfer or any other malpractices on tables can result in permanent blocking of both KQPH account as well as the main account of the player. Players who are registered for KQPH are not allowed to play tournaments with their KQPH IDs nor to make any kind of withdrawals or transactions.

To Register for KQPH: Go to and click on the KQPH tab displayed on the top of our home page, there you will find the application form for KQPH.




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