A 15K GTD Tournament for a Buy-in of Just Rs 1000 is all that one needs to get a Big Boost in his Bank roll everyday here at Kings And Queens. Currently we have about 23 entries playing over 3 tables.

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Lucky Aces for Rohit in the very First Hand:

Time: 12:31pm Level: 1 Blinds:100/100

At The Show Down:

Rohit: A♥ A♦

Manjunath: 7♥ 9♠

Rohit limps in with Pocket Aces Pre-flop. The Flop 6d Ks 8h gives an open ended straight draw for Manjunath. Rohit goes all in on the flop and Manjunath calls with his open ender. The Turn being Qd and River 4h. The turn and river were of no help for Manjunath and Rohit wins with his Aces. Manjunath opts for the Re-entry option and is back in the game.

Our Regular Cash Grinder Mr Rohit goes on eliminating players:

Time: 13:40pm Level: 3 Blinds: 200/400

Rohit: A♣ 9♣

Ashish: 3♦ 3♠

Mj: K♥ J♠

As Rohit goes all in pre-flop we have Mj as well as Ashish calling as they were short stacked. Even though MJ hit a pair of Kings on the Flop, MrRohit Rivers a pair of Aces and wins the pot of 4300 chips Eliminating 2 players from the tournament.

The Total registrations has reached 26 and our Chip leader Mr. Siddharth with 10700 in chips. Total prize pool after re-entries is at Rs. 45000.

The total payouts are as follows:

1st place: Rs22000

2nd place: Rs 11000

3rd place: Rs 7000

4th place: Rs 5000

Another Regular with us MrSrikanth goes on an Elimination Spree and gaining massive Chip Lead:

Time: 14:04pm Level: 6 Blinds: 500/1000

Rohit: 5♦ 5♠

Srikanth: K♣ Q♦

Siddharth: 6♠ 6♥

In a 3 way all in action Srikanth catches a 4 card flush on the river and Eliminates 2 more from the tournament with a King high Flush. He gains a massive Chip Lead of 21000. Raag our regular Cash Grinder is also eliminated by Srikanth on the bubble.


The final 4 couldn’t come to a conclusion with a deal and decided to continue playing. Rakesh the 2ndChipleader eliminates Gautam in 4th place and Andrew in 3rd place.

Srikanth and Rakesh agree on a deal where Srikanth the chip leader gets Rs 17000 and RakeshRs 15000. Andrew was given Rs 500 each by the top 2.

Long weekend brings a lot of action always here at Kings And Queens, Don’t Miss out! Start with the Daily 15k GTD Tourney at 12 pm and Great Cash Action right after.

Late Night Poker Fan! Got any query! The only site with a 24/7 Customer Support! Online poker Experience at its Best. Register and Play now at http://www.kqpoker.com



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