Running bad in Poker these days, come play our 15K GTD Tournament and recover your losses quickly. For aRs 1000 Buy-in with a blind change every 15 min and late registrations as well for the first 15 hands. Winning money can’t get quicker than this poker tournament. Come and leave with a pocket full of cash.

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A 3 way all in Pre Flop at the start of the tournament:

Time: 12:53 Level: 1 Blinds:100/100

At The Show Down:

Rajeev: A♥ Q♥

Rishi: A♠ 8♠

Puneet: 6♥ 6♦

The Flop 7♣ 5♣ 8d gives Rishi Top Pair and an open ended draw for Puneet. The Turn 2♦ and River 8♣. The river gives Rishi a three of a kind (8’s) and he wins the pot of 4500 in chips. The other 2 are back with their Re-entry Option.

Time: 13:02pm Level: 3 Blinds: 200/400

Suited connectors help Balwan double up:

Balwan: 7♣ 8♣

Lalu: A♣ J♥

The flop J♠ J♣K♥ gives Lalu a set of Jacks with Gut Draw for a Straight. The Turn 10c and the River 3♣ gives Balwan a runner-runner flush. A disappointed Lalu Rebuys.

The Total registrations has reached 26 and our Chip leader Mr. Andrew with 12700 in chips. Total prize pool after re-entries is at Rs. 44000.

The total payouts are as follows:

1st place: Rs22000

2nd place: Rs 13000

3rd place: Rs 6000

4th place: Rs 4000

The tables now merge for the final table with the final nine players about 55 min into the tournament.

The Final 7 on the table decide that the top 2 places in the tournament will contribute Rs 500 each and pay for the one who is eliminated on the Bubble.

Srikanth gets eliminated on the Bubble:

Time: 13:48pm Level: 9 Blinds: 800/1600

Srikanth shows A♦ 9♦ and Vijay shows K♣ 6♣. Vijay catches a pair of 6’s on the Turn, the flop and river were no off no help to Srikanth. Vijay wins the pot and eliminates Srikanth and the bubble. Srikanth receives his Buy-in back of Rs 1000.

An initial talk for a deal was turned down by the remaining 4 players and they decided to continue playing. Andrew got eliminated in the very next hand by Punit and receives Rs 4000.

What are the odds where two players are dealt Pocket Aces in the same round?

Well here Mj’s adrenalin heart beat rush to reach Chip Leader and win the tournament didn’t go as planned as an all-in with pocket Aces by MJ was instantly called by Vijay who also showed Aces pre-flop. They both Split the pot evenly. MJ fires up a deal where he will take Rs 11000 and the remaining will be handed over to the other two. The final payouts are as follows:

Puneet: Rs 15000

Vijay: Rs 14000

MJ: Rs 11000

Andrew: Rs 4000

Srikanth: Rs 1000


No excuses for not reaching tomorrow to play poker at our 15K GTD because it’s a Friday. Hope to see you all at the felt and grab your share for a buy-in of just Rs 1000. All this and more Cash game action here @ Kings And Queens.

Doubts about online poker and how everything works out, now our customer service support is 24/7 to assist you with all your needs! Play Real Play Online Poker only @



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